20 for 2020

Fairy toast
  1. Social Media Free January – this is at least my third year doing this! My friends always email me and ask me if I’m pregnant when they notice my radio silence. Ha! This year I am doubly pregnant!
  2. Learn Passages 2-4 from How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare with Edmund – we’ve already learned the first (longer) passage, and it was so delightful! We celebrated with fairy toast (see photo above)! Sprinkles bring joy!
  3. Bike 300 miles before the twins are born – I’m fortunate to have a Rogue Echo bike at home that’s really convenient for pregnancy workouts. This is a relatively low bar which I’ll probably have it accomplished by mid-February.
  4. Make sourdough bread at least once – this has been a goal of mine for a LONG time!
  5. Celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day – January 19th
  6. Listen to Bach during/after breakfast. Bonus: listen to Chopin in the evenings!
  7. Visit MIA quarterly (or more) I’d love to use the experience for Lectio Divina although most of our time is typically spent in the wonderful children’s and family room.
  8. Eat 800g of fruits and vegetables 6 days/weekthe 800 gram challenge is the most no-nonsense program and I feel so good when I do it!
  9. Copy twelve poems I enjoy in a notebook
  10. Play chess mini games/lessons 1-2 per week – I’m not a confident chess player, but I’m enjoying learning with Ed. We like this book and mix it up with free online lessons.
  11. Explore ways to journal in some form. It might be this blog. Or I might not touch this blog for another year. The suspense!
  12. Learn four hymns as a family. We’re proficient in the Doxology, and I’d like to add to our repertoire.
  13. Organize bins for each of the sacred seasons. I can’t believe I was able to find the Epiphany crowns this year. I love the way the formidable Gretchen Rubin organizes to make things easy but special for her holiday breakfasts. I also get a lot of inspiration from the Homely Hours blog.
  14. Make a fun family bucket list to do with au pair/long term travel dreams
  15. Craft amazing seasonal playlists
  16. Create a joyful nursery space for the twins
  17. Memorize the Nicene Creed as a family – We’ve been working on this at bedtime. We have this book which I love, and I’d also like to study the history of the Nicene Creed as part of my own learning for this year.
  18. Make Berries on a Cloud for Valentine’s Day
  19. Go to Revival with Kevin – best fried chicken!
  20. Work on organizing my books and get at least some of them on bookshelves – moving from a house with built-ins to suburbia has meant most of my books are still in boxes in the basement. They are lonely!

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